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Non-Contact Potentiometer

Non-Contact Potentiometer – M018-062


The potentiometer products are generally divided into both non-contact and contact types. MOBILSENS Technologies has adopted the new Hall and MR sensing technologies to design multi-turn potentiometers, which can be used for multi-stage programmable burning according to actual angles. The linear settings of the angular intervals can be achieved without changing the mechanism configurations, and that contributes to a special strength of the potentiometers. Currently the non-contact products, including multi-turn and mono-turn types, are all available for customized production. The multi-turn products include both 3600deg and 1800deg. If there is a requirement for dual output signals, it can also be satisfied by coping with relevant circuit designs.


        non contact angle sensornon contact angle sensor-1


The consideration for selection and use of magnets may vary when it comes to different applications and costs. In terms of Br and Hc, whether the corresponding sensing distance of the machinery structural design can be within the sensing range is concerned. Taking NVE ASR001 as an example, the magnetic flux density is approximately 30-200 Oe, of which Ferrite and NdFeB can fulfill the demands for sensing.


                                            3 axis of sensing tolerance        


When performing, the sensing distance needs to pay special attention to whether the 3-axis tolerance can maintain a stable magnetic induction vector. The larger the tolerance, the more compensation gain is required and the higher manufacturing costs. The dual output mechanism for Fail safe can achieve dual output signals through the TLV6001, and the operator can also use the Melexis MLX90365 to achieve double signal effects. Whether NVE or Melexis components, the programmer can be used to define the angular interval, so that the application's range can be programmed to achieve an optimal application design.


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