Manufacturing System

All New TMAG Series

High-efficiency Magnetization System


We provide customers with the planning and design of various customized magnetization systems, and a complete analysis of magnetization and magnetization recommendations. We recommend suitable magnetization systems based on the actual magnetic requirements of the motor and the size of the magnets to ensure that the customer's magnets can be effectively charged. Magnetic and retains the best quality and magnetic properties.


We provide four standard models for customers to choose and reference, precise control of magnetization voltage and output current, fully automatic man-machine touch interface replaces traditional magnetizer, suitable for mass rapid production, various production configurations to achieve accurate magnetization effect , for maximum flexibility.




High Efficient Capacitors

Water Cooling System

Magnetizing Coil Design

Integrated design of PLC 

Automatic Feeding Fixture

Programmable Software

Magnet Type

SmCo Magnets

Rubber Magnet

Ferrite Magnets

AlNiCo Magnets

Bonded NdFeB

Sintered NdFeB


Generator Magnets

Speaker Magnets

Camshaft Magnets

Encoder Magnets

 Switch Magnets

Motor Magnets




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