Measurement System

All New TMAG Series

High-quality Flux Test System


MOBILSENS Technologies accepts the design and manufacture of various customized magnetic flux measurement system equipment and provides a complete analysis report of magnetization simulation technology.


The TMAG precision series magnetic Flux Measurement System is one of the most commonly options by industrial production and laboratory research units. Application include magnetic material manufacturers, steel industrial, medical, transportation.



In response to the development of the precision industry towards electrification and high-precision design, the rectangular magnets and circular magnets installed in many products also require a more intelligent multi-axis measurement system platform. We provide customers with several magnetic poles. The standard measurement system platform for the angle is as follows, which can be highly customized according to the actual sample requirements of customers:


1. Ring magnet multi-pole measuring system – magnetic ring

2. Long bar magnet multi-pole measuring system – magnetic strip

3. Comprehensive (circular + strip + complex shape) – multi-axis measurement system


In addition to providing simple and convenient data curve analysis software, the multi-axis automatic measurement system can also be further programmed into the action position memory according to the customer's measurement instructions, which can automatically complete the analysis of the magnetic pole distribution curves of all magnets, and quickly and accurately obtain know all the values of the magnetic field size and magnetic pole angle, and the complete color cloud map stack analysis speeds up the analysis and go for right process.

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DC Fluxmeter


  • DC measuring equipment
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Customized software design
  • Smart operation interface
  • Low drift coefficient
  • Self-built coil parameter
  • Used with Helmholtz coils

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DC/AC Fluxmeter


  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Customized software design
  • Store 100 measurement data
  • AC and DC integrated device
  • Maximum Peak Strength Record
  • Self-built coil parameter
  • Used with Helmholtz coils

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Single-Axis Gaussmeter


  • Polarity discrimination
  • Surface magnetism test
  • High precision 0.3%
  • RS232 communication output
  • DC and AC dual mode
  • Max,Min,Peak function
  • Range 0 - 30 T (optional)

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3-Axis Gaussmeter


  • Dc/AC for 1-3 Axis
  • LCD display, shows Bx,By,Bz
  • Displayed graphically
  • High precision 0.05%
  • Maximum peak record
  • RS232 communication output
  • Thin and flexible tiny probe

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