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Magnetic shielding materials


The eastern United States-based MuShield Company Inc. has been providing mumetal magnetic shielding materials, magnetic shield design services, and magnetic shield manufacturing to high-tech industries around the world for over 60 years.


Cryoperm 10

Cryoperm 10®,a high nickel content shielding alloy has superior shielding properties to most other magnetic shielding materials for cryogenic and ultra-low temperature applications.The magnetically shielded cavity with a thickness of 1mm can effectively and substantially isolate the influence of external stray magnetic fields, the decay strength of the magnetic field can be reduced to 1/10 of the original strength, and the shield can effectively isolate energy by about 90%. The magnetic shielding effect depends on the effective depth of the hysteresis eddy current, including the thickness and layer number of the material.


It is suitable for the use of electromagnetic chips that are easily affected by magnetic fields, ensuring a high degree of precision in the R&D/design/manufacturing process, and effectively improving the design strength. With CAE electromagnetic simulation calculations, excellent verification can be obtained. Materials with higher magnetic permeability have better magnetic shielding effect, magnetic heat treatment is the key factor, suitable for semiconductor,national defense, aviation, medical, industry, military,etc., any size and specification can be designed according to customer needs (3D CAD).


Since 1965, Amuneal Manufacturing Corp. in the eastern United States has been committed to providing the highest quality magnetic shielding solutions for the harshest environments.



A4K, also a shielding alloy material with high nickel content, can meet the requirements of low temperature and ultra-low temperature applications. There are two choices of material thickness: 1.0mm/1.6mm. It is another option besides Cryoperm 10.


The chart below delivers some specific details about the alloy. 

*Information for Cryoperm 10 is based on its use at Cryogenic temperatures.


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