Multi-pole Magnets


Multi-pole magnets magnetization

The display results of the magnetic flux density of various multi-pole magnetic rings can be obtained by measurement, the magnetic field line can be set to confirm the induction depth, and the corresponding sensing distance of the magnetic poles can be changed, so as to select the type of magnetic ring that meets the cost and performance.Customers in many related industries will use this technology to further design magnetic ring encoders to achieve high-precision positioning products.


Various types of magnetic rod bars/magnetic rings/halbach array containing high magnetic flux density can be designed, planned and produced. The Bs, Br, and Hc of the magnet depend on the sensitivity of the sensing system and the resolution of the element, including amplitude, phase, and frequency. Magnetic rod bars are mainly used for food testing, the analytical energy of the magnetic ring pulse wave number is generally within about 500 kHz.







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