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There are three major business projects in the field of MOBILSENS Technologies, First of all the development and design of the magnetic sensor as Spindle Encoder & Potentiometer, Secondly the parts distribution and sales of the burster & NVE & Magnet Physik & SENIS & GMW Associates , Thirdly the BH curve measurement and the Gauss meter correction of the hard magnetic and soft magnetic, MOBILSENS Technologies has complete related technical solutions and provides customized magnetic sensing product development and design. We continue to dig deep into the field of sensing system applications, such as automation industry, automobile, military, aerospace and medical. The engineering background of R&D is from Dr. and Master (materials and electrical engineer) . The strong technical team is backed by engineering support from Germany, US, and Switzerland.
Creativity has gives Mobilsens Technologies its competitive edge. Mobility and Sense related technologies are based on our skills and experience in mechanics, electronics & electromagnetism. Mobilsens Technologies selects the electromagnetic simulation software as JMAG widely used in the industry to optimize magnetic circuit design for customers and use performance datalogger as imc FAMOUS to analyze the data for the frequency, phase and amplitude of the waveform as signal processing. Mobilsens Technologies uses 3D CAD to develop a customized performance test platform and model for customers and introduces 3D printing and turning-milling machine to provide sample proofing and mass production services. Magnetizing magnetizer, Demagnetizing demagnetizer, automatic measurement and correction system of magnetic field, simulation analysis of magnetic circuit reconstruction, all accept turnkey one-stop service.
Our mission is to create accurate and stable magnetic manufacturing equipment and magnetic measurement systems for industrial manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region. Our mission is to support our customers. We are eager to be the leader in smart sensing parts solutions. Strive to move forward towards this goal.
More Application Filed
201911   Switzerland. "SENIS" AC Magnetic Measurement and Magnet Angle Analysis - Sales and Distribution in Asia Taiwan
201908   We have LINE Official Account~~~Welcome to join us 
201908   Join 2019 Taipei Int'l Industrial Automation Exhibition - Nangang Exhibition 2 Hall - R831
201907   201907 TMAG All new series high voltage low capacity Magnetizer Equipment !
201907   201907 TMAG Auto Magnetic Flux Test Equipment – Single axis and 3 axis !
201906   High Speed Spindle EncoderTW Invention Patents No. I663382
201901   Registered trademarks  "TMAG" 9 and 12 in Taiwan 
201811   Belgium Melexis automotive sensor chip for angle sensor solutions.
201811   201811 Japan JMAG electromagnetic simulation analysis FEM in the full range of magnetic sensing module.
201811   201811 Germany imc FAMOUS datalogging system for automated test equipment
201810   Germany "Magnet Physik " Magnetizing and Measuring Equipment- Sales and Distribution in Asia Taiwan
201809   Registered trademarks  "MOBILSENS" 9 and 12 in China 
201808   U.S. "NVE " GMR Sensors- Sales and Distribution in Asia Taiwan
201808   Italy"Laboratorio Elettrofisico " Magnetizing and Measuring Equipment- Sales and Distribution in Asia Taiwan
201808   Germany "Burster" Sensors and systems for sensor signal processing and process monitoring - Sales and Distribution in Asia Taiwan
201805   Registered trademarks  "MOBILSENS" 9 and 12 in Taiwan 
201804   Invitation to Taipei AMPA 2018, Date : 2018/4/11-14
201802   Our team came up with a product "Magnetic Torque Sensor" and a patent was approved.  - Patent Number US 9829400,  TW I577977

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